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And These Figures Are Ready To Join Your Forces!
April 13, 2012
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The wait is over for this much anticipated second series of Halo Anniversary figures, which celebrates a decade of Halo with action figures based on the classic Halo games that came before Halo: Reach and the highly anticipated Halo 4.

These awesome new figures are ready for battle and can be found at stores nationwide including Walmart, Target, Toys “R” Us, Walgreens, Meijer, Fred Meyer, and Barnes & Noble.

Anniversary Series 2 not only offers an all-new version of Master Chief, but also includes fan-favorite characters such as Captain Keyes and the Forerunner constructs Guilty 343 Spark and a Sentinel. Fans will also be rewarded by collecting all five figures with another iconic build-a-"figure" item -- a 3D version of the UNSC logo. For all you Halo Wars fans, the series also includes the heroic Spirit of Fire Red Team 3-Pack.

We know it’s hard to believe that this line could include so many cool figures, but we have the images to prove it:

Master Chief (The Package)
This all-new version of John-117 shows the hero as he appeared in the 2010 animated movie, Halo Legends, and is our first figure inspired by the Halo "expanded universe" of animation, novels, and comic books. Figure comes with Assault Rifle, Frag Grenade, and the globe piece of the UNSC Logo.

Captain Jacob Keyes
Our first UNSC officer figure is the first person players ever see in the original Halo video game: the commanding officer of the Pillar of Autumn, Captain Jacob Keyes. Figure comes with Magnum pistol and the banner piece of the UNSC Logo.

Spartan Mark VI (White/Blue)
Back in Halo 2, before the addition of armor permutations, Master Chief's MJOLNIR Mark VI armor was the basis for all multiplayer Spartans. Our multiplayer Spartan Mark VI features bright white armor with cool blue accents and comes equipped with the ever-popular Battle Rifle, a Frag Grenade, and the left wing piece of the UNSC Logo.

Sentinel & Guilty Spark
The legacy of the most technologically advanced species in the Halo games, the Forerunners, can be seen in everywhere you turn. Halo Anniversary Series 2 brings a pair of these ancient machines to your collection: 343 Guilty Spark and a Sentinel.

Our massive Sentinel action figure features articulated appendages and weaponry, while Guilty Spark features a reversible eye that can be changed from blue to red. Figures include a base and poles so they can hover near your Flood figures, or assist any potential Reclaimers. Figures also come with the right wing piece of the UNSC Logo.

The demolitions expert and pilot of Buck's ODST squad joins our action figure lineup. This new figure, clad in black ODST armor with red accents, comes with Mickey's signature weapon, the Rocket Launcher. Mickey also comes with the eagle body piece of the UNSC Logo.

Spirit of Fire Red Team 3-Pack
This special Halo Wars boxed set features three heroic Spartan-IIs: Jerome, Douglas, and Alice, collectively known as Red Team. This trio of super-soldiers fought alongside the crew of the Spirit of Fire, defending them from the dangers encountered on Shield 0459. Each figure includes some serious firepower to help them carry out their mission: Jerome comes with a Spartan Laser, Alice comes with dual SMGs, and Douglas comes with a Shotgun.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out this August for the upcoming Halo 4 Series 1 line, covering all the new characters from the newest Halo game. Look out for Halo 4 and our other exciting new lines, Halo Micro Ops and Halo Avatars, all coming this fall from McFarlane Toys!

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