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An Ex-Priest, a Pair of Detectives & a Guy with Amnesia Walk into a Bar...
August 05, 2011
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“15 issues in 2011”! Todd McFarlane will not rest until he has met this goal! With 11 issues of Spawn already underneath our belts, we’re aiming to keep good on Todd’s promise. With Haunt #16, Spawn: New Beginnings, and Sam & Twitch: The Complete Collection already on shelves Todd McFarlane Productions is keeping a steady pace to bring you some of the most exciting product in the marketplace.

After the 2011 San Diego Comic Con, it’s business as usual here at TMP. We have new comic books/collections coming to stores leading into fall, including Haunt: The Immortal Collection and Spawn #210. Reading these upcoming titles will be a great way to end the summer!

This past January, Spawn underwent a radical transformation. With new lead artist Szymon Kudranski, Spawn has become a completely different entity. Collecting stories from <>Spawn #201 through #206, Spawn: New Beginning uncovers the past of a new Spawn – Jim Downing. With no recollection of his life prior to waking from his coma, Jim is faced with having to fill in the gaps to his jumbled past, often with deadly results. While searching for those answers, Jim unexpectedly becomes an international media darling because of his mysterious ‘faith healing’ abilities. But, he still hides the fact he is also a Spawn. How long can he live these dual lives before the world finds out the truth? Already on store shelves, Spawn: New Beginnings has all the answers.

Keeping bad comic books off the streets, Sam and Twitch: The Complete Collection, Book 1 collects issues 1-13 of the ground-breaking series. Sure to please fans of true-crime and comic book fans alike, this collection also features an art gallery and a look behind-the-scenes with the series’ author. Keep an eye out for the hard cover collection in comic book stores nationwide!

In stores next week, Spawn #210 picks up with Jim attempting to heal Sam. His latest act of mercy has violent, and unforeseen, consequences, as the costume lashes out at Jim, bringing to light a question key to Jim's future--Does the world's newest Hellspawn control his newfound powers, or do the powers control him? Meanwhile, Twitch attempts to help Detective Rowand understand the dark forces at play in the world.

Releasing alongside Spawn #210 is HAUNT #17, another one of our top-selling titles. Brought to you by the creative minds of McFarlane and NY Times best selling author, Robert Kirkman, Haunt follows the story of ex-priest Daniel Kilgore and his deceased brother’s ghost, Kurt, as they try to understand why they fuse together to create the superhero, Haunt. In this month’s issue, we pick up with Haunt aiding to the one who told him what he was. Alegria knows much about the supernatural, she knows about the existence of Haunt and The Apparition, but more importantly…she knows how to kill it. Find out how in Haunt #17, on shelves in August!

Finally, the Haunt Immortal Edition, Book 1 arrives in stores this August! Showcasing issues 1-12, this collection also has comic covers and behind the scenes sketches of Haunt! Thrown into a life of murder and espionage Daniel Kilgore is haunted by the ghost of his estranged brother, Kurt. A surprise fusing of Kurt’s ghost with Daniel’s body creates a chain reaction, turning the brothers into the character Haunt. Raiding warehouses, killing bad guys and fighting The Apparition has become the norm for this duo. Featuring an all-star creative cast consisting of writer/co-creator Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead, Invincible), artist Ryan Ottley (Invincible), artist Greg Capullo (Spawn, The Creech), inker/co-creator Todd McFarlane (Spawn), inker Jonathan Glapion (Batman, Final Crisis), and colorist Fco Plascencia (Invincible, Spawn), this assemblage of top-notch talent breathes life into one of Image Comics’ most popular new comic series – and leaves you wanting more.

If you haven’t picked up your copies of, Sam and Twitch: The Complete Collection, Book 1, or Spawn: New Beginnings, what are you waiting for? Get out to your local retailer. To find a comic shop near you, simply call 1-888-COMIC-BOOK or check online at Comic Shop Locator Service.

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Todd McFarlane Productions is the company behind the monthly comic book Spawn. Created by Todd McFarlane, Spawn debuted in May 1992, selling 1.7 million copies, making it the bestselling independent comic book of all time. Spawn is published in nine languages and distributed in more than 32 countries. Currently, TMP releases the long-running Spawn monthly comic now in its 19th year. Other TMP titles include Haunt, Hellspawn, and Sam & Twitch.

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