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'Gentlemen, Start Your Wallets...'
October 15, 2010
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Hindsight is 20/20 but we're prouder of our ability to see into the future. We're doing our part to kick-start the economy by planning several lines of can't-miss sports figures for the first half of 2011. As part of your budget-planning for next year, take a look at the upcoming SportsPicks and PlayMakers lines sure to fill out your collection.


Our football season doesn't end when the new year starts -- I mean come on, it's playoff time! Our last NFL products for this season come out right at the start of the playoffs, with NFL 25 and our Dallas Cowboys 2-pack.

NFL 25 -- domestic release early January
Randy Moss 5 -- Minnesota Vikings
Troy Polamalu 2 -- Pittsburgh Steelers (Retro jersey exclusive to TARGET)
Ray Rice -- Baltimore Ravens
LeSean McCoy -- Philadelphia Eagles
Julius Peppers -- Chicago Bears
LaDainian Tomlinson 5 -- New York Jets
Brett Favre 4 -- Minnesota Vikings (Retro jersey exclusive to TARGET)
Peyton Manning 3 -- Indianapolis Colts (Retro jersey exclusive to TARGET)
Charles Woodson -- Green Bay Packers/Oakland Raiders (Collector Level only)

NFL Dallas Cowboys 2-pack -- domestic release early January
Tony Romo 4 & Miles Austin 2


We're expanding our MLB series in 2011, offering four full lineups (MLB Elite, Cooperstown 8, MLB 27 & MLB 28) alongside our second series of MLB PlayMakers and a player debut 2-pack for baseball's most popular team:

Cooperstown Series 8 -- domestic release early February
Nolan Ryan 4 -- New York Mets
Curt Schilling 3 -- Boston Red Sox
Willie McCovey -- San Francisco Giants
Carlton Fisk 2 -- Chicago White Sox & Boston Red Sox
Rickey Henderson -- Oakland A's & New York Yankees
Lou Gehrig 2 -- New York Yankees
Catfish Hunter -- New York Yankees (Collector Level only)
Ozzie Smith -- St. Louis Cardinals (Collector Level only)

MLB Elite -- domestic release early February
Robinson Cano 2 -- New York Yankees
Matt Holliday -- St. Louis Cardinals
Joey Votto -- Cincinnati Reds
John Lackey -- Boston Red Sox
Ryan Braun -- Milwaukee Brewers
Roy Halladay 2 -- Philadelphia Phillies

MLB PlayMakers 2 -- domestic release mid-February
Kevin Youkilis -- Boston Red Sox
Alex Rodriguez -- New York Yankees
Roy Halladay -- Philadelphia Phillies
Stephen Strasburg -- Washington Nationals
Mariano Rivera -- New York Yankees
Johan Santana -- New York Mets
Joe Mauer -- Minnesota Twins
Andre Ethier -- Los Angeles Dodgers
Derek Jeter -- New York Yankees
Albert Pujols -- St. Louis Cardinals

MLB 27 - domestic release late April
Albert Pujols 4 -- St. Louis Cardinals
Chase Utley 2 -- Philadelphia Phillies
Derek Jeter 5 -- New York Yankees
Dustin Pedroia 2 -- Boston Red Sox
Stephen Strasburg -- Washington Nationals
Joe Mauer 2 -- Minnesota Twins
Matt Kemp -- Los Angeles Dodgers

MLB 28 -- domestic release early June
Mariano Rivera 3 -- New York Yankees
David Wright 2 -- New York Mets
Kevin Youkilis 3 -- Boston Red Sox
Andre Ethier -- Los Angeles Dodgers
Ryan Howard 2 -- Philadelphia Phillies
Jason Heyward -- Atlanta Braves
Daisuke Matsuzaka -- Boston Red Sox (Collector Level only)


Our NHL 27 lineup features three captains, the defending champs' new goalie, a pair of young hotshots and "The Great One." Two of our three NHL lines come out in the second half of 2011, but NHL 27 insures that we start things off right:

NHL 27 -- domestic release late January
Wayne Gretzky 6 -- Edmonton Oilers
Jarome Iginla 4 -- Calgary Flames
Marty Turco 2 -- Chicago Blackhawks
Dion Phaneuf 2 -- Toronto Maple Leafs
Evgeni Malkin 2 -- Pittsburgh Penguins
Jimmy Howard -- Detroit Red Wings


Our NBA 19 lineup and a special NBA 3-pack are both fueled by the massive free agent movement during the off-season. An avalanche of superstar talent filed change-of-address forms this summer, and we are happy to help fans get to know their favorite team's newest superstar with a SportsPicks figure.

NBA 19 -- domestic release mid-March
LeBron James 3 -- Miami Heat
Amare Stoudemire 2 -- New York Knicks
Shaquille O'Neal 2 -- Boston Celtics
Carlos Boozer -- Chicago Bulls
Chris Bosh -- Miami Heat
Steve Nash 3 -- Phoenix Suns
Rajon Rondo -- Boston Celtics

NBA Miami Heat 3-pack - domestic release mid-March
LeBron James 4
Dwyane Wade
Chris Bosh


Our 2011 College Football line features some of the NFL's best players wearing the uniforms of their alma maters -- once again making their schools proud. It's the best college football lineup we've ever created, full of huge names, trophy winners and popular schools.

College Football 3 -- domestic release early June
Tim Tebow -- Florida Gators
Charles Woodson -- Michigan Wolverines
Adrian Peterson 2 -- Oklahoma Sooners
Joseph Addai -- LSU Tigers
Beanie Wells -- Ohio State Buckeyes
Troy Polamalu -- USC Trojans
Ndamukong Suh -- Nebraska Cornhuskers

I think we'll stop there before your wallet taps out. According to the Chinese calendar, 2011 is the "Year of the SportsPick" so we should all prepare accordingly. Stay tuned to for photography and even more info about our upcoming lineups.
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