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Add Us to Your Friends and You May Win!
April 06, 2007
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It's kind of like a movie without popcorn or a song without a beat. MySpace without a McFarlane Companies page has been noticeably unfulfilling. So, today is the day that the Internet becomes whole and we unveil our official MySpace page. The address is

For those of you who already have MySpace accounts, we expect, no we demand, you add us as a friend. The McFarlane Companies MySpace page is updated daily and is a great place to interact with other Spawn fans. Just think - now you can check out everything McFarlane while you are busy commenting on your friends' wild weekend pictures! Plus, once you become our friend, you will receive bulletins on all of the latest news and releases at the company.

For all of you MySpace holdouts, we hope to be the reason you register. It is simple, quick and free, and building your own page is pretty addicting; we can't get Todd to stop tinkering with the html code on our page.

Also, as an added reason to convert to the dark side, we are holding a contest!

Directions to enter: Go to and sign up if you haven't already. Then go to Add us as a friend, and once you are approved, you will be able to post a comment on our page. Take a picture of your favorite McFarlane toy and upload it to your pictures. Choose this picture as your default picture. Post a comment on our page about your pictured McFarlane Toys' action figure and why it is your favorite in 500 words or less. Make sure to leave this as a comment. Message entries will not be considered.

We will pick the top 16 photo essay comments to be in our Top 16 friends for one month. Your last day to enter will be April 19. The Top 16 winners will be selected by April 25 and posted on April 27. You will receive a comment on your page notifying you that you are in our top 16! We will begin choosing winners April 19 through April 25, so make sure that a figure photo is up at least within that time frame. Please remember that it must be an official McFarlane toy as your main photo. Sorry, no custom toys for this particular contest.

Please note that although we are now a part of the Internet's largest social hub, is still the main Web site for the company, and among other things, the home of the Spawn Store, news, our Toy Catalog and message boards. All of these sections have links on our MySpace page.

We have also created a MySpace page for our sister site, CultureBoom. To get to this page, go to This is a great place to check out pop culture, movies, music and comic books from a McFarlane perspective. Note, the above mentioned contest is exclusively on

Go forth and make the Official McFarlane Page part of your extended MySpace network!
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