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Translated French Spawn Project Hits Stores on May 19
April 23, 2004
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May is traditionally Spawn Month, celebrating the month in which the first issue of the Spawn comic was published back in 1992. May is a special month every year for Todd McFarlane Productions and 2004 will be no different.

The much-anticipated North American release of Spawn: Simony -- the original French Spawn project originally published in France by Semic -- hits comic book shop shelves on May 19 ... in English, of course.

Semic, the company which publishes the Spawn comic book in France, worked with Todd McFarlane Productions to create its own Spawn story outside the regular arc. This is unique, as Todd rarely approves ventures of this nature.

The story came as a result of Semic seeking to continue the special events they have organized around Spawn since 1999. "For nearly 10 years, Todd McFarlane Productions and Semic have enjoyed an exceptionally good relationship, which has led to various joint projects, such as a cover drawn by renowned French artist J.Y. Mitton for Spawn #46 [French edition] in 2000," said Jeff Porcherot, Semic editor. A year later, Semic published Spawn #57, which included the U.S. edition of Spawn #100. The same year, Spawn artist Angel Medina was Semic's guest for the Angoulême International Comics Festival. In 2003, Todd McFarlane was Angoulême's Guest of Honor during its 30th festival.

It was there that the "French Spawn Project" was officially launched.

The project originally came to life when Semic Editor-in-Chief Thierry Mornet met with Todd McFarlane at the San Diego Comic Con International in 2002. At the meeting, Mornet pitched the idea to McFarlane, based on the plot by Porcherot and art samples by Aleksi Briclot.

"Todd gave his agreement and all the details were worked out when he came to Angoulême in January," Porcherot said. The story, titled "Simony," is 44 pages long, and fully drawn, inked and painted by Briclot, while Alex Nikolavitch developed the story based on Porcherot's plot. It was initially published in June and August of 2003 in France in the Spawn bimonthly comic there.

"My company and Semic have had a great long-term business relationship," said McFarlane. "When they came to me with this story and I took a look at the artwork, it was a done deal. I was really impressed with the textures and depth of the art and the story; very unique, but still very appropriate to our idea of what the Spawn universe should be."

Spawn: Simony has been translated into English and will be available in the United States and Canada for the first time on May 19. This 64-page book features a double-length story as well as added editorial content and pinup art (by Todd and Greg Capullo). It will retail for $7.95.
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