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American Guitar God Toy Now Hitting Shelves
November 21, 2003
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We reported several weeks ago that the long-rumored and much-anticipated Jimi Hendrix super stage figure from McFarlane Toys was close to becoming a plastic reality. We're even more proud to report today that the figure is finally available.

To help further immortalize this rock icon and just in time to celebrate what would have been Jimi's 61st birthday (Nov. 27), McFarlane toys worked closely with Experience Hendrix L.L.C., the family company dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Hendrix legacy.

This beautifully rendered and intricately detailed 6-inch action figure will come in both a deluxe boxed set and a standard clamshell package. The boxed set includes guitar and a custom base, memorializing Jimi's iconic stage presence at the historical concert near Woodstock, NY, in August of 1969. The life-like figure re-creates the persona of Jimi, dressed in his blue velvet pants and white fringed shirt, with the familiar scarf tied around his hair and another wrapped around his left leg. With his left-handed guitar strapped around his neck, the performer is leaning back from his mic stand in front of two amplifier stacks. The base replicates an authentic section of the wooden stage with metal framing and a cloth awning. The scene is made complete with guitar effects pedals placed on the stage. The standard figure will include a guitar, smaller stage section, one amp stack, mic, mic stand and guitar effects pedals.

The regular clamshell version of the figure is available now at all Tower Records stores; it will hit other retailers in the coming weeks. The deluxe boxed set is exclusive to Tower and Toys R Us and will hit shelves in late December. Both versions will be available online at Authentic Hendrix, the official Jimi Hendrix online store.

Experience Hendrix is a family-owned company formed by Jimi's dad, Al Hendrix. The company is now overseen by Jimi's sister Janie Hendrix (President and CEO) and their cousin Bob Hendrix (Vice President). For more information on Experience Hendrix events and news, visit their Web site at For the latest images of the Hendrix figure, see our newly launched ToyFest page.
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