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Soft Opening on July 26; Grand-Opening Event Set for Oct. 16
July 30, 2004
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The McFarlane Companies' new Arizona-based showroom and retail center opened its doors for the first time on Monday, July 26th.

Several years in the making, the showroom will serve various functions: a retail operation, a museum of sorts and an ever-evolving centerpiece of our operation. It also houses a gallery area that will be periodically updated.

When the showroom doors opened to the public for the first time this past Monday, Trent and his young daughter from nearby Surprise, AZ, were the first customers in the building. Trent started collecting action figures in 1994, mostly Star Wars and Starting Lineups Atlanta Brave figures. That all changed after he saw the detail and realism of McFarlane's Sports Picks figures -- he now collects all four sports figures, but only from McFarlane Toys. He really liked the two-up prototype displays and thought the product selection and prices were great.

Also checking out the new store was Keith -- a.k.a. KB26 on the message boards. He's been both a collector and message board member for the past six years. McFarlane Toys' Freddy from Movie Maniacs Series 1 was his first action figure purchase and he has been collecting ever since. He was excited to see the Alien vs. Predator line available in the showrooom.

Adrian of Tempe was also one of the first fans through the doors at the new Tempe Showroom. He mainly collects Sports Picks figures and is happy to have another local source for figures.

In addition to all the custom displays featuring two-up prototypes of our figures (horror, sports, film, Spawn, music), the showroom is offering most current retail action figure lines for direct sale.

The new McFarlane Showroom is located at 8945 S. Harl, Suite 112, Tempe, AZ 85284, just one block east of the I-10 freeway and is currently open Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We have a gala grand-opening event slated for Saturday, Oct. 16, which is sure to be a fun-filled day complete with signings and other special happenings. We'll have more specific information on the grand-opening event as we get closer to October in time for you to make travel plans.

>> ARIZONA SHOWROOM TOUR (20 photos and captions)

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