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HOUSTON MLB FANFEST EVENT WRAPUP Staffers Home After Another Successful Show
July 16, 2004
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McFarlane Toys returned to Houston for the 2004 MLB John Hancock All-Star FanFest. It was the third straight year for our company and the second consecutive year we offered exclusive product for sale. With a new booth in tow -- featuring a total redesign, two cash registers (for faster transactions) and well-lit display cylinders to let fans get closer than ever to the two-up prototypes -- several McFarlane staffers boarded a jet plane to Houston in the Lone Star state on Wednesday, July 7.

After a 25-minute cab ride, they arrived at the convention center. Roughly five hours later, the booth was standing tall and it was obvious that the McFarlane Toys location would not be missed. Want proof? Check out the photos!

The next day they were joined by a couple more staffers from our Tempe, AZ headquarters, and began stocking and prepping the booth for the rush that was to come on Friday.

Friday morning, the doors opened ... and the stampede made its way to the booth. An immediate line formed that was approximately 2 hours long just 15 minutes after the doors opened! The line would eventually level out and our first two days proved to be the strongest.

The exclusive figures collectors lined up for? A pair of hometown Astros -- Roger Clemens in his alternate white uniform and Jeff Bagwell in a 1999 midnight blue jersey sporting the "power goatee" he grew in years past. Four thousand of each figure were produced and Roger Clemens sold out just as the show wrapped up on Tuesday evening.

The crew brought along our samples of the soon-to-be-released Cooperstown Collection. To say that the fans can't wait for this line to hit the stores would be the understatement of the show. The locals took an immediate love of the Nolan Ryan figure and we were able to get Bob Gibson and Brooks Robinson to sign their Sports Pick, which blew both of them away.

As Tuesday came to a close, McFarlane Toys capped off a successful week-long marathon filled with a lot of opportunities to talk to fans about our current and upcoming lineups, and the chance to proudly debut our new booth which really made an impression on the fans and other exhibitors.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and we hope to see you again next year in Detroit!

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