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Complete Overview of the Newest McFarlane PS2 Game
June 11, 2004
Copyright 2015 TMP International, Inc.

On Tuesday, June 15, a darkness shall fall over the land and the creatures of the night, both living and dead, will pour from the shadows and overwhelm humanity. Blood will flow; a prophecy of doom is about to be fulfilled. Lingering just below the horizon, hordes of nightmarish creatures have amassed, awaiting the sign to attack.

Dracula, the Mummy, the Voodoo Queen, Frankenstein's Monster, the Sea Creature and the Werewolf, along with more ghastly minions than you could dare to dream, stand ready to choke off the light and rule the world under a thick veil of eternal night.

Welcome to the world of McFarlane's Evil Prophecy. Created in association with legendary video game developer KONAMI and based on the first series in McFarlane Toys' ongoing line of McFarlane's Monsters action figures, McFarlane's Evil Prophecy, the latest game from Todd McFarlane Entertainment/ Todd McFarlane Productions, will be available June 15 for the Playstation 2 home gaming system.

The game features four separate modes of play:

STORY MODE (one player)
Play your way through an epic tale of good vs. evil as you control a team of four adventurers on their journey to save the world from destruction at the hands of some of history's most storied monsters.

DUNGEON MODE (one to four players)
Kill or be killed. Up to four players can join forces to cut their way through an ever-growing onslaught of enemies. The game ends only after all Hit Points have expired.

BATTLE MODE (one to four players)
This Mode is similar to Dungeon Mode, but with one slight exception ... it's every player for themselves in a free-for-all battle against not only the violent hordes threatening to take your life, but the other players as well. Battle Mode includes both Point Battle and Arena Battle. In Point Battle you must slash your way through both friend and foe in order to achieve victory. The player with the most points after the level has been cleared, wins. Arena Battle is strictly warrior-on-warrior combat with no enemies to distract you from cutting each other to pieces. Each player gets four lives and once they have all been used, you lose. The last player standing wins.

TIME ATTACK MODE (one to four players)
Test your monster-bashing skills in a race against the clock to determine who can dispatch the highest number of evildoers in the allotted time (each level records and saves the best times). As you play your way through the Story Mode more levels will be unlocked, with a total of 29 playable levels possible in Time Attack Mode.

There are also a number of bonus features -- Monster Cards, Movies and a Gallery -- some of which need to be unlocked and loaded in Story Mode before they are available, McFarlane's Evil Prophecy boasts a wide variety of options for players to explore and master.

In order to vanquish the forces of evil, players will have the ability to control a group of four unique adventurers known as "The Chosen Ones."

Dr. Hans Jaeger, the scientist: This is the man responsible for bringing this ragtag group together in a last-ditch effort to save us all. Not one you would mistake for a fighter, Dr. Jaeger knows all too well that he may not have the physical makeup necessary to fight back the forces that stand before him, but what he lacks in muscle-mass he more than makes up for with his keen intellect.

Sundano, the savage warrior: Sundano fights for the betterment of mankind, but, more importantly, to free his people from the clutches of the wicked Voodoo Queen. Nothing will stop him from achieving his goal and he will use every weapon at his disposal, from sharpened blades to his own special brand of holy magic, to see it through.

Delphine De Soras, the sure shot: Like most of the team, Delphine has a very personal interest in seeing to the demise of the ever-growing evil which threatens the world. A werewolf took the lives of both her father and her brother, and she will not rest until she has had the pleasure of unloading a silver bullet or two into the mangy beast's flea-ridden hide.

Logan Blackheart, the scoundrel: Blackheart has no desire to become a hero. The fate of the world is not his concern. Vengeance, however, is very much a part of who he is and at this moment nothing compels him more than the thought of crushing the life out of the foul creature from the dark depths of the sea that destroyed his ship and brutally murdered his crew.

Each character has their own specialized weaponry (electricity, blades, firearms, bombs) and attacks (four upgradeable combos per character and specialized Character Combination Attacks) and, as the body count rises and the carcasses continue to pile up, they will gain more power and new abilities, as well as find new weapons. The more you work as a team, the more powerful you will become.

In addition to the combo system, which allows the 16 character-specific combos (four per character) to be increased as each warrior's Experience Level rises, you can also customize each character's behavior. Do you want Delphine to attack only minions? Or, maybe you would prefer Logan to focus his rage on just the leaders (the larger, more powerful enemies you'll encounter on your travels). Using the Character Information screen in the Information Menu, you can devise attack strategies for the computer-controlled members of your party, who will then take up their positions as you work with them to cut your way through stage after stage, level after level.

Each character has three different attack settings to choose from once you have accessed the Character Information...

Normal, which tells the character to attack whatever monster is closest.

Minion, which directs the character to attack only the lesser monsters.

Leader, which tells the character to attack the "leader" monsters.

And you are not limited to adjusting attack settings. You can choose which combo you would like each warrior to favor -- Normal, Upper, Smash or Wide -- and you can select the positioning of your little band of evil-fighters. Where do you want each member placed in your group?

Front, leading the charge. (You may want someone here who is swift and agile enough to spot danger, yet brave enough to take the fight to the enemy.)

Center, in the thick of the battle. (A big brute with hands the size of bowling balls and a penchant for violence would be well-suited for this role.)

Guard, keeping a watchful eye on your teammates in case of trouble. (Keeping an eye out for evil and ascertaining exactly what needs to be done at moments notice could require a sharp mind.)

Back, out of harm's way, but not out of striking distance. (A good place for a young lady with a pair of six-shooters by her side maybe.)

As if the multiple forms of character customization weren't enough, the Information Menu also allows you to access the following screens:

Mission Information Screen. Here you can view an overhead map of your current location (specific to the stage you are playing at that moment) as well as brush up on your mission objectives.

Monster Cards. These cards contain information about the monsters you are facing, including helpful hints regarding their possible vulnerabilities.

World Map. This map shows you where you are in the overall world of McFarlane's Evil Prophecy.

You will need to learn which combinations of attack settings and teamwork will give you the best chance to defeat your enemies and with the number of creatures standing in your way, things aren't looking good for any player who decides to rush into battle without taking the time to assess the situation and rally the troops.

The Story Mode alone consists of six different levels and more than 30 stages of mayhem for you to fight your way through as you dispatch legions of minions in an effort to reach the six "super monsters" eagerly awaiting your arrival at the end of each level. Taken from some of history's most noted monstrosities the "super monsters" that stand in your way have been given "McFarlane-esque" tweaks and upgrades in order to give them a bit more of an edge, while remaining familiar to their origins.

The Werewolf, a ferocious, rabid beast that fears no man save the one with the silver bullet in his (or her) gun.

The Sea Creature, the scourge of the high sea, a predator plain and simple. It lives to hunt. While the rest of the "super monsters" have some small shred of humanity hidden deep within them, the Sea Creature has none. It acts on instinct alone.

Frankenstein's Monster, a brute whose strength far exceeds its intelligence, it wanted nothing to do with the outside world until it became a pawn of the ever-manipulative Dark Lord, Dracula. Now the Monster is but one of six major obstacles standing between the Chosen Ones and salvation.

Voodoo Queen, once a shaman priestess named Shacari, she has joined Dracula's inner circle with an eye toward immortality and a desire to see any who would oppose her transformed into undead followers of her wicked ways.

The Mummy, the ancient ruler of a lost civilization, has risen from his tomb, which for centuries has been hidden beneath the burning sands of the Egyptian desert, and now leads an army of enslaved souls in a battle to wipe out the living.

Dracula, the Prince of Darkness. A nightmare creature whose tale has been told and re-told throughout history. A warning to children and adults alike that there is evil in this world much worse than anything concocted by mortal man. The one being with the power and will to put an end to life as we know it, Dracula has come for our souls and he has brought a vast, unflinching army to assist in the draining of blood and removal of limbs.

Pray if you dare, but words won't save your soul. Not this time. Fight. Fight for your life. With sword and six-gun, mind and body, use every weapon at your disposal and never give up.

All stories are Copyright © and TMP International, Inc., and may not be reprinted without permission.

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