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Biker Chick Repaint Sells Out In One Day; New Exclusive Figs Coming
March 19, 2004
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The McFarlane Toys Collector's Club really put its new online ecommerce software package to the test when, on March 9, we made our newest Club exclusive available for purchase. The Biker Chick repaint -- part of the new Spawn Series 25 figure line -- was released at 11 a.m. MST on that day and was sold through its production run by about 8 p.m. that evening.

This makes that figure the fastest-selling Club exclusive ever offered. It says a lot about the quality of the new server; we took some 2,000 orders in about a nine-hour window of time. There were a few bandwidth issues at first, but after about an hour or so, the store ran incredibly smoothly.

We did discover a high instance of users attempting to bypass our stated limits of three figures per customer by creating new Store IDs. We have several new policies in place that make it easier for us to isolate and cancel multiple orders.

Once those orders were cancelled, we had several hundred Biker Chick pieces back in inventory to sell. We offered those on Friday, March 12, and they sold out in a bit more than an hour.

Given the new capabilities of the Store, the Club will be re-evaluating some of its policies and procedures in the coming months. Our goal is to get our exclusive figures in the hands of as many collectors as possible and we will take steps to ensure that happens.

On the horizon, we've got a resupply of the ever-popular NBA backboard accessory (early to mid-April) and then a shipment of NHL 8 special six-figure cases for American collector's only (late April) as the regular retail release of that line will only be in Canada.

Further down the line, we'll have a special exclusive piece for the upcoming McFarlane's Monsters 3: Six Faces of Madness series of figures and a pretty full slate of other stuff coming down the pike. This year is surely going to be a good one for McFarlane collectors.

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