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Booth Sells Out of Exclusive Barber/Martin Figures
August 01, 2003
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McFarlane Toys and arrived in Atlantic City, NJ, for the National Sports Collectors' Convention to meet their fans and show off some upcoming figures from this fall's lineup.

The four-day event kicked off Thursday, July 24th and featured the debut of two Sports Picks figures exclusive to the event -- New York Giants running back Tiki Barber and New Jersey Nets power forward Kenyon Martin. The line to purchase these exclusive figures bent six times and some fans waited more than two hours to get to the register. The figures sold briskly throughout the weekend and the last Tiki Barber was sold at noon on Sunday, with the final Kenyon Martin following two hours later.

During the event, fans were able to view several interesting items at the McFarlane Toys booth. The wall behind the employees furiously bagging the exclusive figures featured toys from all four Sports Picks lines, in addition to Spawn Series 23, the Soul Calibur II figures, four Terminator 3 toys, and the entire Series One from The Matrix. Under a glass display case, fans were able to view 20 "two-up" prototype sculpts -- the original artists' work that the 6-inch figures are created from. On top of the display case, fans got a look at six NASCAR drivers from our upcoming series -- including Dale Earnhardt Jr., Rusty Wallace, Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon and two different figures of Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Fans seemed most impressed with the prototypes for our upcoming 12-inch NFL line. Michael Vick and Ricky Williams figures were on top of the main display case and people stared, took pictures and picked them up all weekend long. If the Atlantic City response is any indicator, the 12-inch NFL figures should be a big hit in stores this October.

The convention was a lot of fun and a big success for McFarlane Toys. We look forward to returning to the National Sports Collectors' Convention next summer in Cleveland.

Thanks to "Owens#81" for the event photos.

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