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Here’s the Complete Lineup for the Year
July 07, 2003
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In addition to our regular lineup of action figures in all four major North American sports (baseball, hockey, football and basketball), McFarlane Toys offers a limited number of different items to collectors.

One of the most popular is our McFarlane’s Sports Picks two-packs. We have several deluxe two-packs scheduled for the remainder of 2003. Here’s all the info and the photos we have available at this time.

  • Brett Favre vs. Brian Urlacher. This NFL two-pack features Green Bay Packers QB Favre, No. 4, vs. Chicago Bears LB Urlacher, No. 54. Coming in late July. Click here for figure and packaging photos.

  • Brendan Shanahan vs. Rob Blake. This NHL two-pack features Detroit Red Wings LW Shanahan, No. 14 vs. Colorado Avalanche defenseman Blake, No. 4. Coming in late August. Click here for figure photos.

  • Jeremy Roenick vs. Marty Turco. This NHL two-pack features Philadelphia Flyers C Roenick, No. 97 vs. Dallas Stars G Turco, No. 35. Coming in late September.

  • Ed McCaffrey vs. Zach Thomas. This NFL two-pack features Denver Broncos WR McCaffrey, No. 87 vs. Miami Dolphins LB Thomas, No. 54. Coming in late October.

  • Rich Gannon vs. Derrick Brooks. This NFL two-pack features Oakland Raiders QB Gannon, No. 12 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers LB Brooks, No. 55. Coming in early November.
All two-packs include both action figures and bases to create custom diorama plus any normal equipment associated with that player (sticks, goals, etc.).

In the United States, these two-packs will only be available at Toys R Us, WalMart and Target. The NFL pieces won’t be offered in Canada, but we’re working on expanded distribution of the NHL pieces. There are no plans to offer these pieces internationally at this time.

Finally, the NBA two-packs initially slated for this year have been rescheduled for 2004.

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