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All-Star Baseball 2004 features McFarlane Signage
March 28, 2003
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The newest Acclaim baseball video game, All-Star Baseball 2004, is out and features a cool McFarlane connection. McFarlane billboards are visible in most of the game's playing fields, including the Yankee Stadium photo shown on the game's cover.

All-Star Baseball is the premiere baseball franchise in electronic gaming, featuring gameplay second only to actually being on the field, chewing bubblegum and spitting in your own glove. The newest version of the game features more than 80 new features, including downloadable rosters, official Negro Leagues license and Spanish play-by-play.

Haven't gotten your copy of the game yet? Never fear, Cochise - our vegan and protein-deficient special-needs contest intern - is coming, slowly, to your rescue. We've got three copies of the PS2 and two copies of the Xbox versions of All-Star Baseball 2004 to give away to our loyal fans.

All you have to do is send an e-mail to with your name and full mailing address. Yes, include your ZIP code, too; regardless of conventional wisdom, Cochise has not yet memorized all U.S. ZIP codes. It's on his to-do list. Only send one e-mail. Cochise checks that stuff. Specify Xbox or PS2 in your subject line, depending, of course, on which system you own. If you are a geek enough to own both, pick one. Deadline to enter is noon MST Thursday, April 10. Winners will be drawn at random from all entries and announced on the following day.

Good luck.

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