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The Details On What's Coming Online This Year
January 17, 2003
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As previously announced, McFarlane Toys will not be attending International Toy Fair in New York this year. This doesn't, however, mean we don't have a big online presence planned for

Our fans have come to expect a big deal and, frankly, we're fairly well chomping at the bit to divulge some secrets.

With that said, you will notice a few differences this year in's online coverage.

Our new coverage will now be known as ToyFest and will occur quarterly throughout the year on, to correspond with the seasons. We're beginning with, obviously, ToyFest Winter 2003, followed by Spring, Summer and Fall.

For ToyFest Winter 2003, coming to on Feb. 17, we will announce all the upcoming lines for 2003. However, unlike years past, we will only show photography and QuickTime movies of pieces that are finished. This signals a fundamental shift in the way McFarlane Toys operates. Previously, employees worked basically double shifts trying to get everything for the year done prior to Toy Fair. Not only was this stressful, it didn't always represent the final work. Some pieces underwent massive change between Toy Fair showing and when they were actually released.

In this new format, fans and buyers will be shown product in a more final form. Though there won't be as much initial content at ToyFest, it will be repeated several times throughout the year, providing consistent content for users. Hooray, fans will actually get ToyFest coverage four times a year. Bonus. Plus, we'll have several tricks up our digital sleeve as the year progresses.

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