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Opening Day Draws Crowds; Todd Rings First Transaction
September 07, 2007
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Friday, Aug. 31, 2007: A day that will live on in the annals of McFarlane history. On this day, the doors of our flagship retail store, McFarlane, opened wide, admitting a sizeable crowd who had awaited the event with sweaty palms and wildly beating hearts.

The 2,117 square-foot store, located at the Westgate City Center, has close proximity to the University of Phoenix Stadium (new home of the Arizona Cardinals), Arena (home of the Phoenix Coyotes), and a multitude of other Westgate stores and restaurants makes it a certifiable shopping destination.

Todd was on hand to greet the first customers, and even rang up the first transaction himself. The first official sale went to Joe Stephens of Tucson, who hit the road at 2AM to make sure he would be among the first in line. It paid off - he picked up a 2007 Super Bowl exclusive Jason Taylor and a Roger Staubach Legends figure.

As he chatted with him, Todd picked up a Sharpie and drew Spawn on Joe's shopping bag. There are definitely benefits to being the early bird!

One of the many great things about the McFarlane Glendale store is the current availability of some classic action figure lines that haven't been on store shelves recently, including Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-rabbit, Ozzy Osbourne, The Beatles Yellow Submarine, Napoleon Dynamite, Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, SPAWN Reborn, SPAWN Series 1 and SPAWN The Movie!

In addition to the extensive local newspaper coverage, the store opening has also generated a number of on-site television interviews with Todd, including local news stations FOX 10 and 3TV.

If you're in the area or planning a trip to Arizona, you owe it to yourself to visit McFarlane!

Monday - Thursday: 10am to 9pm
Friday & Saturday: 10am to 11pm
Sunday: 11am to 6pm

9410 W. Hanna Drive
Glendale AZ 85305


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