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March 24, 2006
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McFarlane Toys salutes our Canadian hockey fans with a trio of team-centered NHL 3-packs coming this fall to Wal-Mart Canada. Previous hockey 3-packs for the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs, as well as our "In The Crease" Goalies 3-pack were offered exclusively at Wal-Mart Canada in 2005 and were a big hit with collectors.

These 3-packs will be released at Wal-Mart Canada and staggered throughout the fall, with extra product being sent to each team's home market. Weeks after their Canadian debuts, a limited amount of each 3-pack will be made available to customers outside of Canada through our online Spawn Store.

Enough jibber-jabber! Let's dig into the lineups for this fall's NHL 3-packs:

  • TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS: Mats Sundin 2, Tie Domi & Tomas Kaberle

  • EDMONTON OILERS: Jason Smith, Ales Hemsky & Chris Pronger

  • MONTREAL CANADIENS: Saku Koivu, Michael Ryder & David Aebischer
We'll also be releasing a new set of 3-inch NHL figures this fall, including:
  • Sidney Crosby - Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Markus Naslund - Vancouver Canucks
  • Alexander Ovechkin - Washington Capitals
  • Ryan Smyth - Edmonton Oilers
  • Henrik Lundqvist - New York Rangers
  • Daniel Alfredsson - Ottawa Senators
  • Joe Thornton - San Jose Sharks
  • Miikka Kiprusoff - Calgary Flames
  • Joe Sakic - Colorado Avalanche
  • Mats Sundin - Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Ilya Kovalchuk - Atlanta Thrashers
  • Saku Koivu - Montreal Canadiens
As usual, the 3-inch figures feature some "mini-debuts" as well as established stars in different uniforms (as often as possible). There are more Sports Picks boxed sets being considered for later this year, so stay tuned to for all the latest product information!

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