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The Curse of the Were-rabbit Set to Invade Next Friday
September 02, 2005
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McFarlane Toys and are excited to announce the next in our long line of interactive Online Features will be live and ready for viewing next Friday, September 9th. Revolving around our products for the full-length feature film, Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-rabbit -- which marks the big screen debut of Nick Park's Academy Award Winning duo (Wallace, the cheese-loving inventor, and Gromit, his silent but very opinionated canine partner) and set in an amazing stop-motion world -- the Online Feature will showcase many aspects of our Wallace & Gromit-related action figures.

All-new photography (including the unveiling of the mysterious Were-rabbit and your first glimpse at the bean-bag plush assortment), a variety of downloadable content (wallpapers, backdrops), QuickTime VRs - it will all be available for your viewing pleasure in one short week.

Our Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-rabbit assortments include...

6-inch Action Figures

  • Wallace (A pose)
  • Wallace (B pose)
  • Gromit (A pose)
  • Gromit (B pose)
  • Victor Quatermaine
  • Lady Tottington
  • P.C. Mackintosh
  • Were-rabbit boxed set
3-inch PVC Figure Sets
  • Carrot Set - Wallace (C pose), Gromit (C pose), P.C. Mackintosh, Hutch
  • Cauliflower Set -- Wallace (A pose), Gromit (B pose), Lady Tottington, Victor Quartermaine
Bean-bag Plush
  • Gromit (with boots)
  • Gromit (without boots)
  • Hutch
  • Philip
  • Were-rabbit
Check back next Friday to get all the inside info you can handle and look for McFarlane Toys' Wallace & Gromit products in stores beginning in October.

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