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McFarlane Staffers Across America This Summer
April 11, 2003
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The staff and traveling road circus will be hitting the asphalt and racking up lotsa frequent flyer miles this year as we range from coast to coast spreading the gospel.

If you haven't done so recently, make sure you check out the Special Events section, which has been updated with several big bashes we're attending this year.

Here are the highlights:

Toronto Sportscard & Memorabilia Spring Expo
Toronto International Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada
April 25-27, 2003
Bob "Todd's Dad" McFarlane will have a booth in the corporate area showcasing McFarlane's Sports Picks action figures as well as doing some giveaways.

MLB John Hancock All-Star Fanfest
McCormick Place, Chicago, IL
July 11-15, 2003
McFarlane Toys is an exhibiting sponsor at the All-Star FanFest and will offer exclusive product for sale at the event.

San Diego Comic-Con
San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA
July 17-20, 2003
The crew will be in town once again for the world's biggest comic book convention. Look for a fully stocked and staffed booth with, you guessed it, another Comic-Con exclusive action figure offered for sale.

The National Sports Collectors Convention
Atlantic City Convention Center, Atlantic City, NJ
July 24-27, 2003
McFarlane Toys will be selling exclusive product from our booth at the National.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame
Canton, OH
Aug. 2-4, 2003
McFarlane Toys will have a booth in the merchandise tent with exclusive product offered for sale.

We'll address each of these events individually as the time draws closer, but be sure to come out and see us when we're in your area.

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