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Come Out for Exclusive Sports Picks Action Figures, Autographs and More
July 21, 2003
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Anyone who collects or sells sports figures and memorabilia has likely heard of the National Sports Collectors Convention, held this year at the Atlantic City Convention Center. McFarlane Toys will be at the event -- which is in its 24th year -- from July 24 – 27.

With the road warriors aiming to rack up several million frequent flier miles this month, we definitely didn’t want to miss it. Besides, where else can autograph seekers get ink from sports stars such as Troy Aikman, Harmon Killebrew, Dick Butkus, Bill Walton, Ernie Banks, Pete Rose and many, many more? Not a sports fan or trying to convince a non-fan to come with you? Then you are in luck as rock band KISS and actor Lorenzo Lamas will be among the non-athletes signing at the show.

Attendees have a chance to pick up the event-exclusive figures of the New Jersey Nets Kenyon Martin in the team's Hardwood Classics retro uniform and the New York Giants Tiki Barber. These figures are extremely limited and will sell for $15 each or $25 for the set. Day one sales limits will be four sets or four of either individual figure per person. Sales limits for days two through four will be set each morning, depending on product availability. There are no discounts on individual figure sales and product availability after the first day is not guaranteed.
As with other events, these figures are limited to on-site sales at the National. However, as a gesture to the fans who can’t attend, we saved a single set of exclusives to give away here on

For a chance to win these figures, send an e-mail to The rules are the same as the other events. The subject is: National Contest. Include your name and complete mailing address. You may enter only once and only if you’re not attending to the event. Contest deadline is noon PST July 24. The winner will be announced on Friday, July 25.

For more information, including a complete list of autograph guests, go to, the event’s official Web site.

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