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Fans Jam Manhattan's FAO Schwarz for McFarlane/Burton Autographs
Sleepy Hollow Action Figures Fly off the Shelves

  FAO Schwarz signing
On Nov. 19, nearly 500 people waited in a line extending over three blocks, for up to four hours to meet and get autographs from Todd McFarlane and filmmaker Tim Burton at the FAO Schwarz flagship store in Manhattan. The signing was part of the nationwide publicity blitz launching the box-office hit "Sleepy Hollow." Todd and Tim were signing McFarlane Toys latest product -- the Sleepy Hollow Action Figure line -- plus a variety of other items that fans of both celebrities brought with them.

    The signing capped off a full-day of media activities starting when both Todd and Tim were interviewed by Bryant Gumbel of CBS's The Early Show in front of a large display of the Sleepy Hollow figures at the Manhattan toy mecca. Just before the interview, Tim commented on how cool The Headless Horseman Deluxe Boxed Figures was. Little did Tim know, but that night he was to receive his own set of "2-up" action figures as a gift (shown in the picture), which are twice the size of the packed figures. All McFarlane Toys are designed as 2-ups to obtain the highest detail possible.
FAO Schwarz signing  

    Before the signing, both Todd and Tim, director of "Sleepy Hollow," plus films such as "Batman and "Batman Returns" (director), "Batman Forever" (producer), "Edward Scissorhands" (director and producer) and "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas" (creator and producer), answered questions from fans around the world in an AOL online chat. It was during this chat when Todd announced that McFarlane Toys was going to produce an Edward Scissorhands figure to be released next year.

    "Sleepy Hollow" kicked off its box office run with an opening weekend tally of $30 million, and the McFarlane Toys Sleepy Hollow line of figures is literally jumping off of stores shelves.

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