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The Hottest Video Game in the Land ... Free

Wow, plenty of you folks out there in Spawn-land were stoked about the opportunity to win a free Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty game courtesy of and Konami.

    Last week we announced a contest here in the News section of The question was: What is Raiden holding in his right hand in the special Todd McFarlane/Clayton Crain illustration found in the online MGS2 feature? The answer? Well, we took several: a sword, blade, katana, etc. And, yes, a cheeseburger would be incorrect.

    After wading through the incorrect answers and incomplete entries (wrong subject headers, incomplete addresses), the contest monkey picked two winners. They are:

  • Jonathan Boriss of Marmora, NJ
  • Rico Delapaz of Silver Spring, MD

        Congratulations to the winners, who each will receive a free copy of the Metal Gear Solid 2 game for PS2.

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