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New Game Set for Nov. 15 Release

Todd McFarlane collaborated with TDK Mediactive and developer Digital Illusions to create exclusive new characters for the Shrek for Xbox game, including:

    • The dastardly Dungeon Keeper

    • Humpty Dumpty as a half-cracked egg

    • The cold, calculating Ice Cream Queen's ice cream

    "It was really cool to work with TDK on creating these characters for the game," Todd said. "Plus, I like the idea of the Xbox and its cutting-edge technology."

    Based on the highest grossing film of the summer from DreamWorks, Shrek for Xbox is slated for a Nov. 15th release in tandem with the Xbox hardware launch.

    "We are really excited about Todd's character contributions," said Vincent Bitetti, chief executive officer of TDK Mediactive. "The twisted and quirky personalities that he managed to incorporate into the game characters are a perfect match to the unique and irreverent humor of the game."

    McFarlane Toys has the master toy license for Shrek and created a complete line of toys based on the film. Be on the lookout for the DVD/home video release of the film Nov. 2.

    In the new game, the infamous Magic Mirror has an important message for Shrek: the evil sorcerer Merlin has captured the lovely Princess Fiona and has her locked in his Dark Tower Fortress of Pure Evil.

    In order to save his true love, Shrek must rescue her from the tower. However, the tower is inaccessible because of the foul and thick fog surrounding it. The only way to clear the fog and gain access is to perform good deeds across the land. To help him out, the Magic Mirror gives Shrek a book of Good Deeds and offers to teleport Shrek to places where Good Deeds are required.

    "Shrek" for the Xbox features the following:

    • Eight never-before-seen worlds, with six missions per level

    • Beautifully bump-mapped environments, real-time shadows, and detailed characters, taking full advantage of the outstanding graphics capabilities of Xbox

    • Whimsical game play populated with new original characters as well as characters from the film

    Xbox is Microsoft's future-generation video game system that delivers the most powerful games experience ever. Xbox empowers game artists by giving them the technology to fulfill their creative visions as never before, creating games that blur the lines between fantasy and reality. Xbox will be available in North America on Nov. 15, 2001 at the suggested retail price of $299.99.

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