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Online Poll Results Sent for Input

Just to keep you up to date on upcoming sports series, several weeks back Todd McFarlane sponsored a poll in our Sports message board. In the poll, he asked our McFarlane's Sports Picks fans for a list of their top six players for our third NFL action figure series, coming in 2002.

The top six vote-getters were:

    Peyton Manning

    Donovan McNabb

    Brett Favre

    Ricky Williams

    Junior Seau

    Michael Vick

    Todd liked much of what appeared on the list, but decided to add a couple and submitted a list of 10 players to the NFL for their input. Then we'll end up with a solid cast of six players for NFL Series III.

    Please note that this list is not final, but we will keep you updated on the process as it happens.

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