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Toys Flying From Shelves; Theaters Offer Nationwide Promotion

Shrek's initial weekend in theaters nationwide proved to be a spectacular one. Dreamworks' new animated fractured fairy tale opened at No. 1 at the box office for the weekend of May 18th, taking in some $42.1 million in North America. Shrek enjoyed the largest opening numbers for an original animated film in history.

    Film industry experts predict Shrek will do even better in the coming Memorial Day weekend holiday.

    McFarlane Toys' full range of Shrek toy products - the company's first-ever master toy license - is also doing blockbuster business. Kids of all ages seem to love the incredibly detailed figures and playsets that are so eerily similar to the film's animated characters.

    While sales had been consistently strong before the film's release, the floodgates opened during the weekend of May 18th. Large retailers reported sales doubling and, in some cases, tripling over the previous week.

    For a complete lineup of Shrek products click here.

    In other Shrek news, several theater chains -- Century, Edwards, Hoyts, Cinemark, Clearview, Crown, Pacific, General Cinema, GKC, Harkins, Muvico and Marcus -- are running a coloring contest promotion through the end of May. A total of 425 theatres and more than 2,500 screens are participating.

    Kids can pick up the coloring sheet at the theater, color it and bring it back to the theater. At each participating theater, three children will win large prizes, including Gameboy cartridges and action figures, while 25 kids will win Shrek mini-posters. Please see the counter card at each theater for specifics. Our 6-inch and Bean Bag Plush toys are featured in the ticket booth and concession display cases, and theatres will be passing out Toys R Us coupons to moviegoers.

    In Canada, we are working with the Top 50 Famous Players theater chains. Famous Players theaters are the largest, most state-of-the art theaters in Canada. Each of the Top 50 theaters has our figures in display cases and will be using those figures in various giveaways. We are also running a promotion on

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