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French Companies Plan Month-Long Spawn Celebration

This original Ashley Wood artwork will be on display at Album Comics in Paris from Jan. 5 to Feb. 10.
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France will be Hell-bound beginning in January to celebrate the release of Spawn 100 in France. Several companies - Semic S.A., Album Comics and cable TV channel Canal Jimmy - will be working together to create a huge festival fit for a king of the underworld.

    No. 100 is actually No. 57 in the adapted French version of Spawn, published by Semic ( This special issue will be 68 pages, which includes the entire U.S. 100th issue, pin-up pages and Sam and Twitch "Witchcraft Part IV." The French edition of Spawn 100 features the Alex Ross cover. Also, a 20-page supplement will be printed with all the French Spawn covers and information about famous Spawn artists.

    Canal Jimmy, a cult French cable TV network, will host a Spawn Night, featuring the HBO animated Spawn series as well as interviews with Todd McFarlane and Ashley Wood. The network sent a film crew to America to get behind-the-scenes footage at the McFarlane offices in Tempe and New Jersey. The network's Web site,, will feature 30 original art pages by Greg Capullo and various contests.

    Album Comics, the biggest comic book shop in Paris, will exhibit more than 60 original art pages by Todd McFarlane, Alex Ross, Ashley Wood, Angel Medina and Greg Capullo from Jan. 5 to Feb. 10. Check them out on the Web at

    The Web site will host a Spawn original art virtual gallery and will produce a Spawn mousepad to be given away through Semic at the Angouleme comic convention, Album Comics in Paris and through the site itself.

    New Spawn penciller Angel Medina will be at the Angouleme con from Jan 25 to Jan. 28. At that time, his first Spawn issue - French edition No. 58 - will hit the shelves.

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