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Event Showcases New Action Figure and a Wide Range of Fans asked the 52-year-old Detroit native, born Vincent Furnier, about where the name Alice Cooper came from. Plus, we found out a few other obscure facts along the way.

    "The Alice Cooper name is almost one of the great urban legends," Alice said. "Ninety percent of what you hear about Alice Cooper or others like Marilyn Manson is urban legend. The name came along because we wanted to do the opposite thing, to go the other way that wasn't dark. It could have just as easily been Mary Thomas, but Alice Cooper had a macabre feel to it like Lizzie Borden (the Massachusetts woman accused of murdering her father and stepmother in 1892 with an axe). The audience was expecting a blonde folk singer, but they got A Clockwork Orange."

    Responding to the oft-mentioned rumor that the name Alice Cooper came from an encounter with a Ouija board, Alice said, "I might have told that to the press. I think some reporter asked me about it once, and I said 'sure,' but it's false." (Leave it to to uncover the truth!)

    When asked about what he collects, Alice mentioned that he is a big action figure collector - constantly scouring antiques stores for the first generation of Star Wars action figures.

    Regarding his musical tastes, he said he's pretty eclectic, usually listening to guitar-driven rock 'n' roll, such as Offspring. But he also likes the Beatles' first album and Westside Story. One music style he does not like, however, is country.

    What album does he consider his best? Love it to Death. "It's what I consider the first real Alice Cooper album, where the producer caught all the theatrics. If you want to really listen to Alice Cooper, play that one."

More than 200 people, ranging in age from pre-school to senior citizen, lined up Sunday, Aug. 20, to meet and get autographs from Alice Cooper and Todd McFarlane at, er, Alice's restaurant - Alice Cooper'stown in downtown Phoenix.
    The event was to help launch the newly released McFarlane Toys action figure that features Alice in concert garb with a huge snake wrapped around him, and comes with a custom guillotine backdrop and a bunch of creepy accessories.
    Just before the horde descended upon the restaurant, caught up with the man credited with inventing the rock as theatrics movement to talk a little music history and find out just what it means to be immortalized in 5 1/4 inches of plastic.
    Alice recently returned to America after a European tour supporting his new album, Brutal Planet, which he calls by far the heaviest album he's ever created. During his tour, Cooper mentioned that he'd done some 300 media interviews in just three weeks and experienced an odd culinary delight.
    "I ate the best quarter-pounder I've ever had in Russia's Red Square," Alice said as he sat in the balcony of his high-tech/high-volume restaurant surrounded by dozens of televisions and a video wall bigger than a small single-story house - all filled with sports programming and classic Cooper concert clips.
    Alice has attracted many fans in his more than 30 years of rock 'n' roll. Some like him for what he's dubbed as "the official anthem of May" and his most popular song, School's Out. But there are many fans who have followed him since the beginning in the late '60s.
    "When we started, we had hits we shouldn't have," Alice said. "But when the DJs gave us air time, it gave us a license to kill. Normally, a band like us got no airplay because the press said 'if you do theatrics, you can't play.' But we were something to be dealt with, and we basically started a movement, there was no Ozzy, no (David) Bowie, no KISS."
    After recording nearly 40 albums and touring in five different decades, what does becoming an action figure mean to him? "There is only one thing more prestigious than becoming a McFarlane action figure, and that's becoming a PEZ dispenser," Alice joked.
    After commenting that Todd should get into creating the popular hard-candy dispensers, he continued, "The great thing about being an action figure or a comic book character (Marvel once released an Alice Cooper comic book) is that you get really great abs without working out."
    "Actually, being made into an action figure is perfect for us," he added, referring to theatrical rock stars such as himself, Marilyn Manson and KISS. "We look like we should be action figures."

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