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McFarlane Toys Grabs First-Ever Master Toy License
Company Will Produce Broad Line of Merchandise for DreamWorks' Shrek! Project

McFarlane Toys | It's An Attitude

McFarlane Toys has been selected by DreamWorks as the official master toy partner for the company's animated film project Shrek!, coming to theaters in summer 2001.

    Todd McFarlane, the head of McFarlane Toys, is pleased to be working with DreamWorks.

    "Being associated with DreamWorks for our first master toy license is obviously a huge coup for my company," said Todd McFarlane, founder of McFarlane Toys. "Shrek! will give us the opportunity to show off our skills on a much broader scale. We'll be developing a full program of toys and accessories in partnership with DreamWorks. Besides, my own kids now think I'm cool."

    A master toy license is different from the licensing contracts McFarlane Toys usually signs. Whereas a normal contract might enable McFarlane Toys to produce a single line of a particular property, a master toy license allows the company to produce a range of merchandise. In the case of Shrek!, McFarlane Toys will produce:

    • all action figure sizes, including interactive;

    • all plush figure sizes;

    • interactive figures;

    • and all vehicles, playsets and accessories.
"We are thrilled to have McFarlane Toys as our master licensee for this property," said Rick Rekedal, head of DreamWorks Toys & Licensing. "We are planning a broad line of licensed merchandise for Shrek!, and McFarlane Toys will be a powerful toy anchor to help launch the program in 2001."

    Featuring the voice talents of Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz and Jonathan Lithgow, Shrek! tells the tale of a cynical, no-nonsense ogre named Shrek whose swamp is overrun by annoying fairytale creatures. In an attempt to save his home, Shrek sets out to confront Lord Farquaad, ruler of Duloc, who has banished all the fairytale misfits from Duloc in order to create his own perfect world. Along the way, Shrek is befriended by a wise-cracking donkey, sent to slay a fire-breathing dragon and save a beautiful princess with a deep, dark secret...just your usual fractured fairytale stuff in this irreverent new comedy from the creators of Antz.

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