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Spawn Web Store Opens its E-doors for Business
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Spawn Store

Hallelujah, praise be to the wonders of electronic commerce. After months in development and testing, the Spawn Store is now open for business.

    On the interface page of, you'll notice a "Spawn Store" icon. Click that button and you'll find yourself immersed in a sea of McFarlane Toys merchandise so deep, only whipping out your credit card will keep you afloat.

    Actually, the number of items available for sale in the Spawn Store has been kept intentionally small for right now. "We're using a limited number of items to get the system up and running," said's webmaster.

    Never fear, though, plans call for many more items to be added to the offerings in the Spawn online store in the coming months.

    Getting the e-commerce portion of up and running has been a major company goal, as it gives more people easy access to McFarlane Toys, particularly international fans who have a difficult time getting our products.

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