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McFarlane Toys Announces New Animé Line
Characters from "Akira," "Trigun" and "Tenchi Muyo"

McFarlane Toys is excited about its animé action figure line for 2000. Revered for decades in its native Japan, animé has only recently become popular in the United States.

    In choosing characters for the line, McFarlane Toys started with "Akira," the film that helped introduce the animé style to mainstream America. The line of action figures will include Tetsuo, the protagonist of the film who is the subject of government experiments empowering him with telekinetic powers, and Keneda, Tetsuo's childhood friend. We will also produce Keneda's awesome red motorcycle from the film.

    Also in the line is Vash the Stampede from the television series "Trigun." Vash looks stylish with his long red trenchcoat, electric blond hair and heavy armament. Vash is a noted gunslinger with a huge bounty on his head, despite the fact that he refuses to kill anyone!

    McFarlane Toys will also produce an action figure of Ryoko from the Tenchi Muyo empire (video series, television series, feature films and comic books). Ryoko is a 700-year-old demon accidentally released from imprisonment by a high school student, Tenchi Masaki.

    Several other characters will be added from these and other properties to the animé line in the future.

Keneda from Akira  Vash and Wolfwood from Trigun

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